Joomla's tinyMce Bootstrap Plugin

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Joomla's tinyMce Bootstrap Plugin Bootstrap toolbar for Joomla's Rich Text Editor

Joomla's tinyMce Bootstrap Plugin adds a Bootstrap toolbar to your Joomla's Rich Text Editor, in which you can add/edit Bootstrap Elements with friendly visual editors.

Features :

TinyMce Bootstrap Plugin

Installation :

  1. Install using Joomla's Extensions Manager
  2. Go to System -> Global configuration, choose "TinyMce with Bootstrap light toolbar as default editor
  3. Open Joomla's Plugin Manager, select Type "editors" and access to plugin's config.
  4. Edit any content with tinyMce

Joomla's TinyMce Bootstrap plugin PRO

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Version 1.0.0 (12/09/2015)

    		            Initial Release